Data Management and Statistics Core

Joseph Lombardo

The Data Management and Statistics Core (DMSC) is led by Joe Lombardo. DMSC provides the information architecture of the CNTN. The success of the projects, advancement of the junior investigators, metrics of the CNTN, and measurement of activities of the CTRC depend on the integrity of the data and data management systems of the CNTN. The faculty of UNLV National Supercomputing Institute is very experienced in advanced data management strategies, informatics, and statistics. Director Joseph Lombardo, computer scientist and informatics specialist, has provided data management and statistical support to over 200 human science projects. He and his staff are experienced in web-based data entry, double entry techniques, logic and range checks, secure and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant data management techniques, and peripheral device applications (apps) for user convenience. They have experience with the analysis of high density data characteristic of brain imaging.