Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is a dedicated neuroscience clinical care and translational research facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. Clinical programs were initiated in 2009 and Dr. Cummings (Director of the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health and Director of the proposed CNTN) was recruited to provide leadership to the research programs in 2010. Originally focused on Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health has grown programmatically to included Parkinson’s disease (PD) and multiple sclerosis (MS). The faculty has grown to include 13 MDs, DOs, and PhDs devoted to these diseases. The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is the largest neuroscience clinical trials enterprise in Nevada.Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health site


UNLV is committed to joining the nation’s top tier of research institutions through a focused effort to attract top students and faculty, educate a diverse population and workforce, and drive economic activity through research and community partnerships to create a more vibrant economy. Establishing a medical school and attaining top tier status will substantially enhance UNLV’s economic and academic impact.

UNLV has a 30 year history of educating students from first year of college to post graduate level. UNLV is making a new commitment to biomedical science in the form of a school of medicine (SOM). A school of medicine will have a transformative effect on Southern Nevada, attracting new faculty, students, and resources. The CNTN will have an important role in the ecology of the newly defined landscape of medicine in Las Vegas, providing a training venue for students and drawing on the pipeline of students and faculty to populate future projects of the CNTN.

UNLV will be strengthened by the CNTN. There is currently only limited neuroscience activity at UNLV. The availability of CNTN will serve to attract students to neuroscience research and build and diversify the neuroscience researcher pipeline in Nevada.