Logic Model of CNTN

Situation statement:

Alzheimer’s (AD) and Parkinson’s Diseases (PD) are inadequately understood and drug development frequently fails; Nevada has too few researchers; Nevada has little scientific infrastructure to train researchers to address the problems of AD and PD patients and to develop junior investigators to address these challenges.
Inputs Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health UNLV NIH/NIGMS
  MRI; PET; subjects; human capital; institutional commitment Genomics Core; Kinney lab; Supercomputing Institute; human capital; institutional commitment Resources


Outputs Activities Participants
  Project 1 Project 2 Project Leaders Core Directors
  CTRC Admin Core Subjects NIH/NIGMS
  DMSC Project 3 Collaborators Institution Leaders


Outcomes Short Term Medium Term Long Term
  Information Generation Research Grant Success AD & PD impacted
  Research Skill Development Recruit Faculty NV Researcher Pipeline
  Database Database Growth Innovation Culture
  NV IDeA Consortium Expand Collaborations Faculty Recognition
  Human-Model Translation New Cores & Projects  


Resources are adequate, institutional collaboration will succeed; patient flow can be achieved, hypotheses guide research appropriately.

External Factors:

Recruitment success; philanthropy; NIH funding; institutional stability; GE collaboration