Dr. James Hyman

Dr. James HymanDr. Hyman received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Boston University where he examined how hippocampal oscillations control neural network activity. As a postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia, he studied information coding in anterior cingulate cortex  (ACC). Dr. Hyman has made several notable discoveries on the topics of hippocampal-cortical theta interactions, contextual representations in ACC ensembles, multiple neural prediction error signals in rodent ACC, and when ACC driven recall of long-term memories. He and his team research how coordinated neural activity underlies our ability to learn new information, recall past memories, and dynamically incorporate new and old information for optimal decision making. He and his team explore how these processes are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and how different aspects of Alzheimer’s pathology affect neural communication related to higher level cognition. Dr. Hyman’s work is funded by the National Institutes On Aging and the National Institutes of General Medical Sciences.