Translational Biomarker Core

Translational Biomarker Core The development of the Translational Biomarker Core (TBC) (Pam Quirk Brain Health and Biomarker Laboratory) at UNLV was started in Phase II of the Center for Neurodegeneration and Translational Neuroscience and provides cutting edge...

Project R-1 – Christina Wong, PhD

Project R-1 – Christina Wong, PhD The Effects of Inflammation and Alzheimer's Disease Risk Factors on Cognition in Older Adults Christina Wong, PhD View Bio Improving our understanding of the intricate biological mechanisms that underlie progression of...

Project R-3 – Dr. James Hyman

Project R-3 – Dr. James Hyman The role of neuroinflammation in AD-related network dysfunction in mice. Dr. James Hyman View Bio Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that is characterized by a progressive loss of memory function. Much research...

Project R-2 – Dr. Samantha John

Project R-2 – Dr. Samantha John Ethnoracial Characterization of Patient-Centered Outcomes Dr. Samantha John View Bio Project 2 will evaluate clinical trial outcome measures and characterize patient-centered outcomes in neurodegenerative disease within...

Brain Imaging Core

Brain Imaging Core Dietmar Cordes, PhD View Bio CCLRCBH-BIC Repository Find our freely available software here. The primary goals of the Brain Imaging Core (BIC) are to expand and improve imaging and analytic data analyses methods to increase the success of the Phase...

NISBRE 2018 meeting

The NISBRE is a national scientific meeting to showcase the scientific and training accomplishments of the IDeA program of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS). The IDeA program develops scientific centers of excellence and trains biomedical scientists in the IDeA eligible states

9th annual Sierra Nevada Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience & 2nd Annual Nevada COBRE Conference.

Speakers include Keynotes Jeffrey Cummings, Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Las Vegas “Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Development: An Insider’s Perspective” and Marlene Behrmann, Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University “A Broader Vision of Object Recognition: Beyond Ventral Cortex”, plus 7 additional presentations throughout the day, including our own Project 3 leader, Dr. Jefferson Kinney.

2017 NIH IDEA Western Regional Conference

Wyoming INBRE welcomed faculty, administrators, staff and students from the NIH IDeA Western Region (Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming) and NIH administrators and staff to the fifth biennial NIH IDeA Western Regional Conference. The conference featured oral and poster scientific sessions, keynote talks, professional development workshops, and information sharing sessions with NIH officials.

Neuroscience NIPM Seminar

The Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine (NIPM) seminar series integrated with the Lou Ruvo Center of Brain Health during the months of February – August of 2017.